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Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Dentist – New York, NY

BCBS Dental Insurance Makes Healthy Smiles Affordable

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Making sure everyone sees the dentist for checkups twice a year is just one way you take care of your family. Did you know that you just might be able to save money at each visit? Dentistry can be costly if you don’t have dental insurance. But if you do have dental insurance, then fees for covered services could be reduced, especially when you see a dentist who is in-network on your plan. At Dr. Aaronson & Associates, we are glad to accept dental insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield, known as Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, an Anthem Company. You are lucky to work for a company that understands the importance of oral health. Be sure to take full advantage of your benefits by scheduling regular preventive dental care with your BCBS Dental Dentist in Midtown East.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage Availability & Fees

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Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield offers three dental plans for individuals and families in New York:

All three plans cover diagnostic and preventive care at 100 percent and no deductible. This means that common covered services such as two yearly exams and cleanings, and some X-rays are provided with no out-of-pocket expenses when you see your in-network dentist in Midtown East.

Basic services are not covered under Dental Prime Plan A, but Dental Prime Plan B and C offer coverage at 80 percent. Similarly, Dental Prime Plan A does not cover major services; Plan B and C provide 50 percent coverage. 

Once you start paying the premiums for your chosen plan, most preventive care like cleanings and check-ups are covered immediately. More complex procedures require that you first meet the deductible. Afterward, you’ll only be responsible for paying your percentage of the cost. Some BCBS dental plans have an out-of-pocket maximum to protect you from high costs throughout the year. Once you reach this maximum, your dental insurance pays the full cost of any additional care until your annual maximum benefit is met. 

Meet Nichole, Our Team Member Who Handles Insurance

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Nichole has been working in the dental field for more than 20 years. As our office manager/financial coordinator, she is the person on our staff that can answer questions about your dental insurance benefits. Feel free to call Nichole or stop by and ask for assistance the next time you’re in the office for an appointment.