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Dental Implants in 10022

Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth? This loss can be devastating for anyone, resulting in diminished function, damaged oral health, and crumbling self-confidence. In fact, many patients find it hard to smile at themselves in the mirror. While there are traditional restorative solutions out there for patients to choose from, they can be an unsatisfying and a pale imitation of your original, strong smile. While we can’t turn back the clock, the team at Dr. Aaronson & Associates is proud to offer the next best thing: dental implants. If you’d like to schedule an implant consultation with our expert doctors, please don’t hesitate to contact our Midtown East location today.

Why are implants the right choice?

It’s easy to assume that your teeth are fully composed of the white, visible material that makes up your smile. This is called the crown, and while it’s an important part of the structure, it’s not alone – there’s also a tooth root hidden beneath the gum line. When a natural tooth is lost, the lack of a tooth root negatively affects the mandible, leading to deterioration over time. This can result in consequences for both the patient’s health and their aesthetic appearance, even if they’re wearing a restorative appliance.

While dental bridges and removable dentures replace the crown of the tooth, dental implants are the sole reconstructive solution that actually replicates the entire structure of the tooth in a seamless fashion. This not only protects the health of the mandible and maxilla, but leads to a much more lifelike and confident fit for the patient. In fact, after a while, it might be hard to remember your new teeth aren’t actually natural.

The Implant Process

If you’re looking to replace teeth that are missing or will be extracted shortly, we welcome you to schedule a consultation here at our midtown Manhattan location. Dr. Theodore Aaronson, Dr. Dr. Daniel Moezinia, and Dr. Sara Menashehoff are dedicated to providing patients with specialized, comprehensive care that helps them feel great about the health and happiness of their smile. During this first appointment, we determine whether you have enough bone density to successfully accommodate the placement of dental implants. If not, we recommend additional procedures like bone grafting that make implants a viable option for you.

The first step in the dental implant process is surgical placement. As a skilled periodontist, Dr. Moezinia inserts the implants into the patient's mouth. Patients then need four to five months for the implant to integrate into the bone. Once the process is complete, you’ll return to our practice to receive a new, custom-made restoration.

One of the benefits of choosing dental implants from our exceptional New York staff is that, unlike many other dentists in the area, we don’t have to refer our patients to outside specialists for the surgical procedure. Instead, you can enjoy every step of the process with the same friendly faces and familiar, comfortable atmosphere.

Implant Restorations

In cases of single implants, a custom-made, porcelain dental crown is used to restore the tooth’s structure and beauty. If your tooth loss is more significant, Dr. Aaronson provides an alternative –implant-retained prosthetics. These personalized appliances resemble a bridge or denture, but they’re designed to securely attach to implants giving you back a confident, natural smile. Both fixed (permanent) and removable options are available, depending on your preference. If you’d like to learn more, contact Dr. Aaronson & Associates today to talk to one of our dedicated team members!

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