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Single Missing Tooth – New York, NY

Rebuild your smile from a root to crown

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If you have a single missing tooth, then you’re probably concerned about your appearance and rightly so. The way you look really matters. However, tooth loss isn’t only about your appearance. A single missing tooth can impact your oral health with problems such decreased jawbone density, periodontal tissue loss, shifting teeth, and even more missing teeth. To prevent these and other problems, you need to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. Dr. Aaronson will be glad to speak to you about how a dental implant in Midtown East can replace your missing tooth, renew your smile and support good oral health.

Replace a Single Missing Tooth

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To replace a single missing tooth in Midtown East, you can choose between a dental implant and a fixed bridge. 

The great thing about a single tooth dental implant is that it replaces both the root and crown. An implant is a small post made of titanium, a material that integrates well with human tissue. The implant is surgically placed in your jawbone beneath the open socket of your missing tooth. It not only holds the crown restoration in place, but also helps keep your jawbone healthy and strong. To implant the post, a small incision is made in gum tissue to expose the bone. Then, a small section of bone is removed and the post is set in place. Your gums will heal in a few weeks, but the post and surrounding bone tissue will take several months to fuse together. Once this happens, the dental crown can be attached to the post and the replacement tooth will look and feel just like one of your natural teeth.

Instead of an implant, you may also replace a missing tooth with a fixed bridge, also called a crown and bridge. The bridge consists of a single false tooth that fills in the gap in your smile. The bridge is attached to crowns that are mounted on top of healthy teeth next to the gap. The false tooth and crowns are fabricated in a single unit that the dentist in Midtown East places all together. In addition to rebuilding your smile, a bridge restores dental function and prevents adjacent teeth from shifting into the vacant space.

The Benefits of Implant Supported Single Tooth Replacement

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Dental implants offer benefits that a crown and bridge cannot: