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Dentist in Midtown East for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Between the ages of 16 and 20, a third set of molar erupts, known as the wisdom teeth. While everyone eventually gets their wisdom teeth, it usually is not without complications. Our mouths typically cannot support another set of molars due to the jaw being too small. As a result, certain problems can develop, such as overcrowding or impacted wisdom teeth. When this happens, as your dentist in Midtown East, we will likely recommend your wisdom teeth are removed. At Dr. Aaronson & Associates, we perform wisdom teeth removal to restore oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

It is recommended you have a wisdom tooth consultation before the age of 20. This allows us to monitor the eruption of the wisdom teeth. By doing so, we can detect potential problems sooner for early intervention. However, it is never too late for a consultation, especially if you are experiencing pain, inflammation, or discomfort in the back of the mouth.

The discomfort can be cause from several issues, such as if the wisdom teeth are impacted or partially impacted. This occurs when the tooth becomes stuck in the gum or bone, preventing it from erupting. This can lead to pain and discomfort. If the impacted tooth is not quickly removed it can lead to infection.

An impacted tooth is not the only reason you may need your wisdom teeth extracted. When there is not enough space in the mouth, the teeth can come in crooked or tipped. The pressure from the wisdom teeth can cause the other teeth in the mouth to become overcrowded. In some cases, the pressure can cause the molars next to the wisdom teeth to break.

Dentist Near Me for Wisdom Tooth Removal

When it is recommended you have your wisdom teeth removed, you need an oral surgeon. Dr. Aaronson & Associates routinely performs extractions of the wisdom teeth. After performing an initial consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan is created.

For simple extractions, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area. For those who have more complex issues, a general anesthetic may be needed. During the process to remove the teeth, the gum tissue and bone will be removed from the tooth. The tooth will be broken to allow it to be removed in pieces. Then, the area is cleaned from any tooth debris. In some cases, sutures may be needed to close the extraction site.

The area will then be packed with gauze to allow a blood clot to form. You will be given strict aftercare instructions to ensure the blood clot stays in place to prevent dry socket for proper healing. Over-the-counter pain relievers are used to manage any discomfort. Applying ice to the area will minimize swelling and bruising. Within a week or two, you will be fully recovered from the procedure.

Our team at Dr. Aaronson & Associates is specially trained to safely and effectively handle the extraction of wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, you need to schedule a consultation today. We will determine if you need your wisdom teeth removed to stop the pain.