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Maringel Ortega, RDH
Registered Dental Hygienist

About Maringel Ortega

Mariangel graduated in 2011 with a degree in dentistry from Venezuela. She emigrated to New York City in 2014 and immediately started working in the dental field. Mariangel was employed by Dr. Aaronson in 2017. After working as a dental assistant for a couple years she aspired to become a registered dental hygienist graduating magna cum laude. Mariangel is passionate about dental health and strongly believes that educating and encouraging patients to maintain good periodontal health is a key factor in dental hygiene. For Mariangel it is fundamental to stay current in the field. She is extremely devoted to patients with the most updated information and provides them with the best treatments for their individual needs. Mariangel is quick to make patients feel at ease by building confidence and trust in the patient-clinician relationship.


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