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Why Do I Have Tooth Sensitivity in My Dental Implant?

Why Do I Have Tooth Sensitivity in My Dental Implant?

If you’ve made the choice to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant, you made a wise decision for your smile. It replicates the entire structure of the tooth, including the root. It will closely look and feel natural despite not being real. As a result, it’s easy to feel confused if you suddenly develop dental implant tooth sensitivity in Midtown East. How is it possible to experience discomfort if it’s only a prosthetic tooth? Believe it or not, it can happen. Although it’s rare, it’s never a good sign. Here’s what you need to know to save your smile if you have tooth sensitivity with your dental implant.


A dental implant consists of a titanium post that’s inserted into the jawbone, an abutment, and a custom-made crown. Since it doesn’t have any nerves or ligaments supporting it, how can you experience pain or sensitivity when feeling a little pressure? The dental implant itself isn’t causing the discomfort. Instead, it’s the surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, this is often a sign of an infection. If you don’t see an implant dentist in Midtown East quickly, you might lose your new tooth.


Dental implants are the most successful tooth replacement option. It’s rare for dental implants to fail. In fact, the risk is less than 5%. Nonetheless, it can occur. One of the first indicators that there’s a problem is pain or sensitivity in the area, which can be the result of:


If you develop any pain or sensitivity with your dental implants, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact your dentist. They will get to the root cause of your discomfort to protect your investment.

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