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Inlays and onlays let you preserve more of your original tooth than you would by getting a dental crown. The experienced team at Dr. Aaronson & Associates in Midtown East, Manhattan, in New York City, examines the damage to your tooth and lets you know if an inlay or onlay is an option. To schedule your visit, call Dr. Aaronson & Associates or book an appointment online today.


Inlays and Onlays Q & A

What are inlays and onlays?

Inlays and onlays are similar types of dental restorations. While they can both perform some of the same functions as crowns and fillings, inlays and onlays are a more conservative solution to tooth decay and other structural damage. Dr. Aaronson & Associates offers:

Inlays can include tooth-colored materials like ceramic or porcelain, or they can be made of gold. Your dentist creates an inlay to fit inside your tooth and fill the area that was lost to decay or other damage.

Onlays are similar to inlays in every way with one small difference. They also replace part of the tooth’s chewing surface. If you’re getting an onlay for a back tooth, the onlay replaces one or more of the tooth’s cusps on the surface.

What are the advantages of inlays and onlays?

In some cases, you have the option to get an inlay or onlay instead of a full crown or a resin filling. Compared to those two treatment options, inlays and onlays have some benefits that you should consider. Inlays and onlays:

  • Preserve more of the original tooth’s structure
  • Won’t stain like a resin filling
  • Are easy to clean because of their tailored fit
  • Seal the inside of a tooth more effectively than a filling
  • Do not inhibit effective brushing and flossing

Of course, circumstances differ on a case-by-case basis and inlays and onlays aren’t the first choice for each person. 

During your consultation and initial exam before treatment at Dr. Aaronson & Associates, the team considers many factors, including your overall oral health and the health of the specific tooth needing treatment before recommending a solution. 

What is the procedure for getting inlays and onlays?

Getting an inlay or onlay at Dr. Aaronson & Associates requires two visits: the first involves preparing the tooth, and the second involves placing and securing the inlay or onlay. 

During your first visit, the team removes any decay or damage from the tooth. They prepare the tooth, take a molded impression, and use the impression to make the inlay or onlay.

Your inlay or onlay is fabricated using quality materials in a laboratory before you come back for your second appointment. During this time, you get a protective temporary device to fill the space inside the tooth. 

When the inlay or onlay is ready, you come back to Dr. Aaronson & Associates to have your inlay or onlay permanently placed. The team checks to make sure it fits securely and doesn’t affect your bite before making any final adjustments and sending you home. 

To learn more about the different materials for inlays and onlays and to see if you’re a candidate for either restoration, book a consultation over the phone or online at Dr. Aaronson & Associates today. 



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