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New Year, New Healthy Dental Habits!


Now that 2020 is here, you may be working hard to meet your new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating better, losing weight, or recycling, this time is year is ripe with new beginnings. However, there is one resolution that people often forget, and it’s much easier than you may think. For 2020, it’s time to make your oral health a priority. Keep reading to learn some healthy dental habits in Midtown East to keep your smile in tip top shape.


Sugar is a leading risk factor of cavities and other dental issues because it interacts with bacteria in your mouth to create acids. These acids then eat away at your teeth and gums, causing decay and infection. That’s why in the new year, you should minimize your sugar intake to maximize your oral health. Instead, you can eat fruits, vegetables, and you can use a sugar substitute, xylitol for some sweetness. Plus, if you are trying to eat better and/or lose weight, this tip can help with your other resolutions.


Instead of sugary sweets and treats, try eating mouth healthy foods like greens, vegetables, and fruits. These act as natural toothbrushes, scrubbing away plaque and bacteria from your smile. Dairy products are also good for your smile because they contain calcium that can remineralize teeth. And, eating cheese can even leave a thin, waxy coating on your smile that can temporarily protect it from staining and acids.


You probably already brush your teeth twice a day, but do you floss? If you think about it, each of your teeth have 5 sides: the front, back, left side, right side, and top. If you’re not flossing, you’re not properly cleaning 2 sides of each tooth. The result is a higher risk of cavities and tooth decay occurring from lingering plaque and food debris that get caught in between teeth. When you floss, be sure to gently move the strand up and down instead of forcing it to avoid pain and irritation.

A good routine also means seeing your dentist regularly for checkups and dental cleanings in Midtown East. This will help prevent you from more extensive and expensive dental treatments down the road, saving you from time and money spent on dental care.


In 2020, put down the sugary soda and drink water. This borderline magical liquid has many benefits, but none are more significant than fluoride. Most tap water contains fluoride, which is a naturally occurring cavity fighting mineral. In fact, fluoride can even help your teeth repair themselves when there is slight decay. Plus, water helps to wash away plaque, bacteria, and acids that can cause problems for your dental health. Especially if you’re an athlete, drinking water instead of Gatorade and other sports drinks can save your teeth.

Are you ready to have your healthiest and happiest year yet? Remembering these tips from your dentist in Midtown East will make it possible!


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