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Each year, more than 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. If you’re concerned about your risk, an oral cancer screening can detect potential issues early on and provide peace of mind. At Dr. Aaronson & Associates in New York City, the team of experienced dentists provides oral cancer screening on-site. To make an appointment at the practice in Midtown East, Manhattan, call the office today or click the online booking feature.

Oral Cancer Screening Q & A

What is oral cancer screening?

An oral cancer screening is an outpatient procedure that checks your gums, tongue, lips, and cheeks for signs of oral cancer.

It’s important to undergo preventive exams every few years, even if your mouth looks and feels healthy. Many types of oral cancer develop slowly. Regular check-ups at Dr. Aaronson & Associates can detect these conditions early on, improving your odds of successful treatment.

Who can benefit from oral cancer screening?

The team at Dr. Aaronson & Associates recommends scheduling an oral cancer screening if you:

  • Use tobacco
  • Regularly drink alcohol
  • Have had oral cancer in the past
  • Spend lots of time outside
  • Have a particular strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV)

If you’re unsure if you need an oral cancer screening, ask your Dr. Aaronson & Associates provider.

What does oral cancer screening involve?

At Dr. Aaronson & Associates, oral cancer screening is a quick, outpatient procedure.

First, your provider conducts a basic exam and assesses each area of your mouth, including your lips, gums, the inside of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, and the back of your throat. If you wear dentures, your provider asks you to remove them.

Next, your provider puts a gloved finger under your tongue and gently feels for any bumps or abnormal growths. Then, they take the gloves off and gently feel the skin beneath your jaw and tonsils.

What happens if oral cancer screening uncovers an area of concern?

If your Dr. Aaronson & Associates provider discovers any spots or areas of concern, they might take a biopsy. During a biopsy, your provider removes a small piece of tissue and sends it to a laboratory for further analysis. 

The team might also schedule a follow-up appointment for a week or two later. At your follow-up appointment, your provider looks at the abnormal area to see if it’s still present. If it’s grown or changed in appearance, they might also order additional tests.

How often do I need oral cancer screening?

The team at Dr. Aaronson & Associates recommends an oral cancer screening at one of your bi-annual oral exams and teeth cleanings. That’s especially true if you’re 50 or older or there’s a history of oral cancer in your family.

To learn more about the benefits of oral cancer screening, make an appointment at Dr. Aaronson & Associates by calling the office today or clicking the online scheduling tool.



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